Omnee: the first organic directory for Twitter

untitledomn2Omnee‘s strap-line makes this useful Twitter directory sound wholesome, and it is.

Connecting with like-minded souls on Twitter is getting easier, thanks in no small measure to such tools as this. You can find full instructions here, but the principles are simple.

Begin by following Omnee on Twitter.

Next, send a tweet using the hashtag #omnee and a list of tags you wish to be associated with, prefixed with a +. For example:

#omnee +ebm +health2.0 +hospitalist

Delete your association with the tags by tweeting #omnee once again, this time prefixing the tag you wish to disassociate yourself from with a -.

Now, enjoy the benefits of following Omnee by entering tags in the search bar on the Omnee homepage, and see who shares your interests. Click on other users’ icons to be walked across to their Twitter account, review their posts, and follow them if you perceive an affinity between you.

Interestingly, the healthcare tweeple community has been one of the first to embrace the Omnee concept, as the tag cloud in the attached image file demonstrates.

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