9 ways for doctors to use Twitter

woman_sharper_biggerA thoughtful post from @healthITgirl pondering nine of the ways that doctors could — time allowing, presumably — use Twitter can be found here.

I will be interested to see what responses her post attracts.

I would wager that ‘I haven’t got the time to do this’ will not be one of them.

No, this isn’t a typo. Why?

I have been musing whether Twitter and its future analogues are time-sinks or time-savers. I think that there is something of a bell-curve in terms of time expended here. At the moment, establishing a social media presence and discovering who you wish to communicate with can be a time-intensive process which relies on search, sweat and serendipity in equal measure. In time, this process will doubtless become easier as tools emerge which (by way of an example) allow you to bulk subscribe to users’ twemes, and so on.

If you are using social media productively (and that’s another post, which concludes ‘there is no “right” way to us social media, but there are plenty of ways to use it incorrectly’) then you reach the top of the curve, and time expended begins to become time saved.

In my context, this means that interesting things have started to come my way: interesting followers, informative direct messages, the chance to participate in productive exchanges with peers.

Within the context of the general practitioner’s use of social media, patients following a practice’s shared Twitter account could report symptoms (textually or visually) that could either replace a visit to the surgery, or hasten a patient’s admission to an emergency room.

Thanks to the author for the link.

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