The first live-tweeted surgery

scalpel_smallI’ll confess to being not quite sure what to make of this backgrounder to the first live-tweeted surgery (and don’t worry, it’s not as alarming as it sounds), but the author, Shel Israel, is confident that this development marks an important step forward for medical education:

Once again, history was being made as I was writing the book. In fact, for the surgical team involved, Twitter was just a simply attempt to remotely communicate more effectively than previously[…] Next time, online video will be added[…] [I]t shows how Twitter is becoming part of every day solutions to a great number of different professions. It also demonstrates that those who argue social media has no place in the medical profession really should stop talking and start paying attention

One thought on “The first live-tweeted surgery

  1. I followed this with some interest, including the conversations afterward. A tweeting clinician in the OR seems like an expensive resource. I’m curious to see under what circumstances it’ll happen, and whether people really see this as demonstrating the utility of social media in medicine.

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