Open access: a spring in its step?

grass stepsA tweet I noticed this morning (source: @cmt1) led me to climb a most rewarding trail of discovery. The ascent resulted in the addition of a couple of new links under the ‘Open Archive, Open Access’ list which you can find in the bar to the right.

It also prompted me to add two dates to my calendar. I don’t think I’ll be attending either event in person, but I will be watching the live tweets and back-channel discussion from the 2nd International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference (8-10 July, Vancouver, BC, Canada) and the 1st Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (14-16 September, Lund, Sweden) with real interest.

I will be blogging about both events in due course, but for now I am more interested in hearing your views as to the part you feel open access currently has to play in scholarly publishing, and the leading role that it may come to assume.

One thought on “Open access: a spring in its step?

  1. Hello,nice article.
    I see that you are interested about open access so I will be free to say a couple of words about it.
    It is free for all to read, and to use (or reuse) to various extents.
    In OA you have free access to material (mainly scholarly publications) via the Internet.
    Open access to scholarly information has been a hot topic for debate among librarians, scholars, and publishers over the last few years.
    The growth of the open access movement is partially in response to the enormous costs of many scholarly journals.
    Libraries, by working together to make repositories of open access literature, can ensure continued access to these scholarly publications into the distant future.

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