Social media for STM societies: STweM’s inaugural consultancy product

Today marks the unveiling of STweM’s inaugural consultancy product: ‘Social media for STM societies‘.

As the title suggests, this half-day, four hour workshop product has been designed to help scientific, technical and medical (STM) societies understand, implement and benefit from the effective use of social media in the promotion of their publications and brands.

Within social media environments, invisibility is equivalent to irrelevance. The shifting dynamics of authority have the potential to undermine the primacy and diminish the potency of even the biggest STM society brands.

This workshop takes that threat and turns it into an opportunity. It explores how positioning the profile of an STM society’s brand and publications in appropriate social media contexts can enhance its global profile, strengthen its ties with its existing membership, provide contemporary channels through which new members may be recruited, and reach out to the next generation of its membership in an authentic and productive manner.

The workshop goes on to help societies assess how effectively their current publisher is handling their social media portfolio. If no such portfolio currently exists, the workshop will help societies collate a list of optimal requirements to discuss with their publisher. This session will also be invaluable in helping societies draft a succinct, penetrating request for proposal when their current publisher’s contract comes up for renewal.

The penultimate session surveys the revolution that is currently taking place in scholarly publishing. It compares the traditional and open access publications methods, reviews the options available to societies who are considering bringing their publications in-house, and explains why right now could be the best time to do so.

The workshop concludes with a structured discussion providing a set of clear, achievable action points for participants to initiate.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements, request the preparation of a quotation for your consideration, or to make a booking from 1st July onwards. I am contactable by any of the means detailed in the banner at the top of this page. In the interim, a promotional PDF may be downloaded by clicking on the image below which you are welcome to redistribute.

I look forward to working with you.

STweM social media for STM societies flyer

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