Elsevier sets its sights on institutional content repositories

mast_blankAn article in the THE suggests that Elsevier is currently making the rounds of higher educational establishments in the UK and petitioning vice-chancellors to consider abandoning their institutional archives in favour of an Elsevier-driven archiving solution.

As to whether or not this is actually the case, I cannot comment. Hypothetically, however, this is surely tantamount to tilting at windmills. If this pitch’s best shot is merely that it saves money, then a barrage of counter-questions will inevitably rain down upon on the proposal as to the hidden costs of not affording universities’ employees the opportunity to self-archive as productive nodes in the Open Access movement’s revolutionary matrix.

The notion that a single commercial concern, regardless of its size, can overturn the momentum that Open Access self-archiving is achieving globally as both a concept and a practice is either an act of hubris or desperation. As more about this initiative emerges, a strong response can be expected from the bodies listed under the ‘Open Access, Open Source’ section in the right-hand column of this blog.

On the basis of the scant information we have to hand at this point, do I think this will fly? Yes, I think it will fly. Like Icarus.

Thanks to Keita Bando for the link.

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