The Board Room #2: Engage daily, not annually

The Board Room is back, single-mindedly desaturating the multi-hued world of YouTube with its imperiously monochromatic austerity.

Perhaps I should get some coloured chalk.

Without a great deal of effort, rather than affording its membership a single, somewhat parsimonious, opportunity to convene once a year at an annual conference, any given STM society could facilitate daily engagement between its membership, as well as with the society itself.

The benefits could include:

  • Bringing value to the society’s membership, in the expectation that in time the membership may bring more value to the society.
  • Increasing the chances that any given member may view the society as a progressive concern that they will want to continue to support, be associated with, and be a part of.
  • Contributing to the conditions of possibility that influence authors’ decisions in submitting content to a society’s publications.
  • Extending the reach, enhancing the reputation, and augmenting the online presence of the society’s brand.
  • Creating an environment which, by demonstrating the society’s enduring commitment to better serving its members, could turn a member into a brand advocate who wishes to recruit new members to the society.
  • Appealing to the next generation of members that the society hopes to reach out to by restating its relevance in a rapidly changing scholarly environment.
  • Being a catalyst for further change that will keep the society’s brand fresh, and energize the way it views its own potentiality.

Can you think of an example of a society whose activities would be diminshed in some way by an undertaking of this sort?

Creativity begets creativity.

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