Charting a course for STM through the many constellations of social media

Social media brands tallSocial media have a happy knack of prompting creative people to produce aesthetically pleasing things.

I often return to Flickr to appreciate Brian Solis and Jess3‘s Twitterverse or Conversation Prism 2.0 purely on a visual level, without necessarily passing time admiring, respectively, their pleasing taxonomy of Twitter and the exchanges social media enable.

I a similar vein, I was enjoying looking at Flickr user Stabilo Boss‘s galleries of W2.0 logos until IĀ  realized that I only recognized a handful of them.

Whilst only the most trusting and easily pleased of souls may look to scholarly publishers as a source of inspiration and innovation, only the most suspicious and truculent of observers would choose to dismiss as entirely irrelevant to their interest the uses to which other industries and verticals are putting emerging new media platforms, tools and utilities.

With this in mind, I will be producing an occasional series of reviews entitled ‘SM|STM’ which will assess the potential applications that these products may have to scientific, technical and medical communities.

I hope that we all manage to learn something along the way.

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