STM journals that tweet: a wiki

Picture 1@laikas, the indefatiguable Dutch medical librarian of fame, repute and high standing, took the time a little while ago now to create a document cataloguing STM journals that have a Twitter presence. I realized this morning that I neglected to promote this project at the time; this post aims to right that wrong.

The Google docs spreadsheet in question is a wiki, which means that Google Mail users who are logged in can add, edit or otherwise augment the list as well as consult it, and save the updated copy.

The link in the first paragraph will take you straight to the document in question.

If you are not logged in to a Google Mail account, you will still be able to consult the document on a read-only basis.

If you are logged in to a Google Mail account and want to add or edit the document, here’s what to do:

1) Populate columns A-H with the data requested

2) Choose File > Save & Close

3) You will be returned to you Google docs home page. Note that the document ‘Twitter JOURNALS’ has automatically been saved to your ‘Shared with…’ list. You can open Google docs and access the document to add additional data at any time.

Here are a few notes re. Wiki etiquette. As a rule of thumb:

GOOD: correcting errors; updating cells that carry out of date; adding new data.

BAD: when you log in, log your OCDs out. Aesthetics don’t matter in wikis. Changing the background to tangerine because ‘I like it better that way’ is not a good idea.

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