Reflections on the inaugual Health Care Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu) event

#hcsmeu_EUcoloursIt was with some little nervousness that Silja Chouquet and I awaited 12 noon, 1pm CET on Friday 7th August and the launch of the inaugural Health Care Social Media Europe tweet-up.

We’d had an idea (same idea, different website).

We’d suggested how to participate.

We’d created a community homepage on FriendFeed and within the Social Pharmer group on Ning.

We’d invited people to add their contact details to a Google Docs ‘guestbook’.

However, would anyone show up? And if they did, would they be prepared to participate? Would they have anything to say?

In the event, we should not have been so concerned. Dozens of participants not only took the time to join us, but also came prepared to make some outstanding contributions to the three topics discussed (described in the ‘participation’ post linked to above). France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK were just some of the countries represented. Debate was lively, the volume of posting was high, and the event exceeded our modest expectations in every regard.

We were particularly gratified by the fact that a number of the leading lights of the ground-breaking #hcsm community in the US had been kind enough to start their day early in order to support us, and that both official pharma Twitter accounts as well representatives of national health systems gave of their time in order to join the debate.

We have pulled together the raw data from the first event which everyone is welcome to access, save a copy of for their own use, review, and hopefully share their thoughts regarding. We’d really like to hear what you make of the discussion, and what you think of the concept in general.

We have set up a coveritlive tool to allow you to follow this week’s event (Friday 14th August, 12 noon UK, 1pm CET) and hope you can join us.

In the interim, we are looking for three discussion items for the coming tweet-up. Please DM suggestions to Silja and myself.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on the inaugual Health Care Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu) event

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