#hcsmeu, 5 weeks later

#hcsmeu_EUcoloursToday began with two delightful surprises.

Firstly, I found some great #hcsmeu statistical analysis from #hcsmeu co-founder Silja Chouquet (see, she doesn’t tell me everything 😉 ) in my RSS feed. Next, I discovered that #hcsmeu contributor Miguel Tovar had created a LinkedIn group for us all, which he has generously granted both of us admin privileges to.

To mark the first 5 weeks of #hcsmeu‘s existence, I thought I’d offer up a small present of my own to the community in the form of a page on this blog entitled Everything you need to know about Health Care Social Media Europe. Of course, that’s a rather hubristic claim as I’ve little doubt I’ve forgotten to add things. I’ve let the title stand, however, as that inevitability seemed to me to be a strong indicator as to how well-received this modest project has been.

When Silja and I set out to soft-launch a forum for the European health care community (health care professionals, educators, patients, the healthcare industry, heath content providers, health systems, and so the list continues) during the month that most of Europe takes as holiday, I don’t think either of us anticipated that we’d encounter the level of interest and enthusiasm that those who have come together in the name of this fledgling community have created collectively.

The last five weeks have been as challenging as they have been enlightening and entertaining, and that’s just as it should be. Over and above everything else, #hcsmeu has been about bringing people together. I have had the good fortune to encounter not only a wonderful collaborator in the person of the group’s co-founder, but also a new community with a wealth of talent, experience, ideas and an appetite to get things done.

Together, that’s precisely what #hcsmeu will go on to do.

4 thoughts on “#hcsmeu, 5 weeks later

  1. Andrew, thank you very much for your nice comment. It has been already proved the incredible goals that can be achieved by a community working together, for instance, Wikipedia vs Encarta, Open source vs proprietary software,… 😉

  2. Hi Miguel. Thank you for your comment, and for having taken the time to create a LinkedIn group for the community. We are all still collectively groping our way around the margins of what this will mean for all of the groups that work within health care, but what has already become clear is that a paradigm shift is taking place. I’m looking forward to being a part of what’s coming next.

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