#hcsmeu first live tweetup in London

#hcsmeu_EUcoloursTime flies, and it is scarcely believable that there are now only two more weeks until the inaugural #hcsmeu live tweetup, to be held on this occasion in London on September 25th.

Firstly, I need to point out that I am going to be testing the social media maxim ‘it’s not about you’ to its limit by not attending this event in person due to a commitment I am unable to reschedule. #hcsmeu co-founder Silja Chouquet will therefore be flying solo as your host, and I very much hope that she can count upon your collective support.

After two months of frenetic online interaction during the weekly events, it will be great to have the opportunity for you to meet face-to-face. Many of you have already unofficially confirmed with us that you will be attending, but in the interests of our desire to be as inclusive as we can at all times, we thought we should make a more official announcement, namely:

We cordially invite you to join the inaugural #hcsmeu live tweetup in London on 25th September. The event will be held at the offices of healthUnlocked, who have generously offered us the use of a meeting room for the event, for which we are most grateful. Their address is:

The Studio
1 Coach House Mews
217 Long Lane
London SE1 4PP

The tweetup will take place as usual, noon UK time, 1pm CET. If you plan to attend, please sign up here in order that we may make the necessary arrangements.

We would like to make this first tweetup not only an occasion for #hcsmeu participants living in or near London to meet, but also for the entire #hcsmeu community across Europe. How?

We intend to stream video interviews with real-world attendees in London in order that other #hcsmeu-ers on Twitter can watch live and participate in a simultaneous real-time discussion with physical and virtual attendees using Twitcam. Please find below an example of a Twitcam video here.

We will keep our current format of three topics, but on this occasion we will be inviting three of you attending in person (or even better, three teams of attendees) to chair a topic and broadcast your answers via Twitcam.

If you are interested in participating, please enter your topic (as well as the identity of your nominated sparring partner(s)) when you sign up for the event. Please note, it is a pre-requisite for participation that you be physically present at the tweetup and be able to arrive twenty minutes beforehand in order that Silja can set you up and talk you through the process.

After all the fun, we would like to maximize the opportunities for you to socialize, meet, greet and chat over lunch afterwards at a gastropub about 5 minutes walk from the tweetup location:

The Garrison
99 Bermondsey St
+44 20 70899355

Finally: Silja and I would appreciate your help in getting the word out about this first tweetup as we finalize arrangements. For our part, the idea is not only for us to meet one another, but also to spread the word about #hcsemeu and build our community. Whilst we are delighted to be able to offer existing European healthcare twitterers the chance to meet face-to-face, it is equally important to us to continue to reach out to future colleagues working in healthcare who are not yet aware of #hcsmeu and the ability of Twitter to facilitate interaction, and who may like to join us. It is our hope that this inaugural live tweetup will be a wonderful training tool for us to all to use and recirculate in support of #hcsmeu recruitment.

We are also hoping that it will encourage commercial sponsors to support us in our aspirations to bring regular live #hcsmeu events to Basel, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and a European city near you.

Silja can’t wait to meet you, and I can’t wait to see how thing turn out!

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