Health Care Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu) Mission Statement

#hcsmeu_EUcoloursThe first 10 weeks of Health Care Social Media Europe’s (#hcsmeu)  existence has been characterised not only by our listening, learning, linking and frenetic debate, but also by our constant reference to  three themes that we seem to return to regardless of the discussion in  hand.

The #hcsmeu community has been consistent in its strident calls for engagement, transparency, and access in health care, and has frequently turned its unwavering gaze on the impediments to action it perceives. In recognition of this, as co-founders of a movement that we are proud to be a part of, Silja Chouquet and myself are today proposing that the time has come to begin to transform #hcsmeu’s formative activities into normative ones.

To that end, we invite you, the reader, the existing members of the community, and everyone, everywhere who wishes to join us in the proactive pursuit of our aims, to consider the following draft of our mission statement and append your name to it.

Please add your comments (Insert > Comment or Ctrl + M) to the Google docs version of the text here and add your name to the list of signatories here.

Please join us in our mission to drive forward social media adoption in health care in Europe.

6 thoughts on “Health Care Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu) Mission Statement

  1. looks very good as a starting position. Like all elements in this area, there is constant movement so this can evolve as the environment evolves. The only static component is 13-14.00 Fridays! tweet you all later:-)

  2. Hi Valerie

    Indeed, nothing is carved in stone… except the time. 🙂

    As you say, ‘everything flows’, but in order to participate fully #hcsmeu must look beyond its own discussions and become an agent of the change it currently comments upon.

  3. Hello –

    We wanted to introduce you to a social health site for healthcare consumers. FacetoFace Health is designed to connect people together using our HealthMatch technology to help people connect and learn from each other.


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