One minute in social media

Earlier today I came upon a post on Gary HayesPersonalize Media blog that did a great job of helping me to visualize the real-time growth of social media.

It is very difficult for us to take a statement such as ‘Facebook has 300 million users‘ and do anything useful with it. However, a statement such as ‘Facebook acquired 418 new users in the last 60 seconds’ is rather easier to comprehend.

I set the counter running, and took a screen grab after one minute. Here it is:

Picture 1

Not all of these users are going to be members of communities that are important to you, but some of them will be.

Not all the information that these users generate and share is going to be of interest to the communities that you serve, but some of it will be.

Not all of the relationships forged by these new users with your existing customers will diminish the visibility of your brands to them, but some of them will.

Not all of the value that these users will begin to add immediately to the communities that they have joined will impact directly upon your commercial activities, but some of it will.

Do you find that alarming, or reassuring?

Perhaps designing a social media strategy is something that you have loosely scheduled to address at a comfortably distant point in the intermediate future, far enough away from the next 60 seconds’ worth of missed opportunities to be of no immediate consequence.

Let’s say it is something that you plan to do ‘next year’.

It is always later than you think; next year is going to come around with alarming rapidity. One thing that is easy enough to do is to live a commercial life consisting of a succession of deferred promises, made in earnest good faith, and missed by country miles. If you are laissez faire enough not to care about what could have happened to your business in the last minute, you will feel pretty much the same way in 12 months time.

Consider what you will have missed in the interim:

Picture 2

If you are possessed of a resolve steely enough to remain untroubled by this, then I salute your nerve.

If it has been a spur to action, reach out to someone who can help.

Is there be a better time than right now to prepare your social media portfolio?

5 thoughts on “One minute in social media

  1. Great value in these stats Andrew. I’ll use these in my presentations regarding the web and social media. They surely demonstrate what is going on and how the future “thus” will be different.
    I just hope that readers don’t get the perception as to “This is really hopeless, so let’s go on with what we are doing”..And that’s why you have done so right to render some comfort in referring to support.
    And yet, I salute the nerves of us all, because in the context of modern times and events, the future is the more challenging. 😉
    Let’s get the best out of us all!

  2. Amazing stats!. I do not know about you guys, but I have the feeling it is impossible to keep track of everything going on as far as SM is concerned, considering I have a business to run and clients and projects to tend to!

  3. Thank you for your comment, Rob. Yes, it really isn’t just about ‘the numbers’, it is about making the commitment to create a portfolio of social media presences that will allow you to reach out to the communities we want to interact with in an effective way.

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Eva. Nice to meet you! IMO, we need neither to read everything, nor to track everything (although if you’re so inclined, there are plenty of sentiment analysis tools out there, see sidebar section).

    Without wishing to play devil’s advocate (but I will :)), I’d suggest that it is precisely because you want to deliver the best service you can to the clients you work with, and work towards project outcomes that are fully informed by your clients’ customers’ needs, that you should start using social media right now. Why not make a reactive first step before you take the proactive blog/status updating/social networking/content sharing plunge by setting up RSS searches feeds and Google Alerts on the keywords that are important to you.

  5. Hi Andrew, nice to meet you too!..and fully agree with you, and that is why I am using social media with the right analysis tools (have done my homework too ;-)), but our field is evolving and changing very rapidly and there are very many interesting people such as yourself providing very useful content. How much is it applicable to my clients? As a good friend of mine in the Spanish advertising industry recently told me “it is good to be a little bit ahead of your client’s thinking, but not too much ahead, because that overwhelms them”. Makes sense to me, as I have spent most of my professional career on the client side of things and that is exactly how most clients feel!

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