As Facebook recruits its 325 millionth user, pharma continues to look the other way

Picture 1Mashable reported earlier today that Facebook now has 325 million users, and whilst pharma has undertaken a few tentative expeditions within the burgeoning social network, sponsoring campaigns here, setting up brand-affiliated pages there, it remains largely uncharted territory for the industry.

Few maintain an official corporate presence. Those that choose not to perhaps feel that they’re not ready for the conversational economy, and that Facebook is not the right place for them to hang their hat, corporately.

However, as even a cursory examination of Facebook quickly reveals, there are in fact a number of corporate pharma pages and groups on Facebook.

The problem for pharma is that very few of them appear to be official.

It is hard to reconcile the hand-wringing agonies of indecision that pharma indulges in when it comes to Twitter with its continuing disregard for the verifcation of its various presences on Facebook.

If I were Ray Kerins, after reviewing the various phoney, unofficial and abusive profiles bearing his company’s logo on a site that now boasts more members than the USA has citizens, I’d be thinking:

How could things possibly be any worse for us than they already are? Today, we create an official Pfizer account on Facebook, and if there’s a rap to be taken we’ll take it later. Could it hurt any more than this?


In not today, then when? Tomorrow? Or November 14th?

For pharma, tomorrow seems to be a long time coming on Facebook.

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