Best strategic learning investment in 2010?

I was honoured to be asked to contribute to this ebook of essays edited by Ellen Hoenig Carlson, which she has kindly invited me to share with you here:

I’ll be interested to hear what you make of it. Do please leave a comment here in order that I may collate feedback for Ellen in order to make our next publication even better.

That’s it for 2009 from me.

I look forward to listening, learning and laughing with you in 2010.

Health and happiness to you and yours for the coming year.

5 thoughts on “Best strategic learning investment in 2010?

  1. Well, I haven’t read it, only skimed it, yet but I want to report that eBooks on Slideshare work! To many people simply post an A4 pdf document that simply does not work on screen.

    I shall use the same technique sometime.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Keith. Yes, SlideShare is a useful and search-engine friendly means of sharing content in a simple to use, easy to read manner. One note for users such as myself, though: click ‘custom’ against each presentation you wish to include in your post to reveal the embeddable code you will need in order to make the SlideShare frame resolve properly.

  2. Andrew I thought your comments were insightful. Getting lost in the investment discussion misses the whole point. There will be ways to evaluate but marketer’s don’t realize the whole marketing funnel approach is changing. There is no turning back. Your comments direct attention in the right direction.

    Being authentic cannot be a “gimmick” a “marketing tactic” it has to be real. It is a different way of going to market. Consumers and Professionals will quickly see through inauthentic.

    Thanks for posting I plan to share.

    Joe (@SMSJoe)

    • Hi Joe

      Thank you for having taken the time to comment. This is a subject I feel particularly strongly about. Authentic experience has to be lived; it cannot be emulated. The conversational economy and the interpersonal relations that drive it forward constitute an environment that pharma currently gestures towards participating in whilst apologizing (sometimes, and only when called out) for not commiting to fully on the basis that its hands are tied from a regulatory perspective, but which in truth it finds itself ill equipped to understand, engage with, profit from or succeed within due to structural and ideological problems that are mostly of its own creation.

      That said, there are legions of pharma employees trying to make a personal difference. I am privileged to share, converse, and work with some of them. There is hope for the future for pharma, and its brightest and best representatives personify that virtue.

  3. Andrew, very astute observation. On a webinar yesterday Seth Godin stated we are in a marketing revolution. Probably a fair statement and one that provides the environment for change. That being said we both know that breaching existing corporate cultures will take patience, diligence and plenty of determination. I appreciate your efforts in rallying those who are engaging. I suppose we make the case every chance we get and walk the talk.
    Happy New Year.

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