I have already seen some breathtaking examples of healthcare blogging colleagues who have stormed into the new year with the next 12 months’ activities seemingly already mapped out.

I’ll level with you.

I don’t.

What I do have is a fistful of concepts scrawled on a print out of a yet another set of ideas that I drafted in November and keep meaning to transcribe into Evernote.

I will attend to them today now that the working year begins in earnest, and perhaps develop one or two.

What I do intend to carry into the new year is a commitment to continual innovation.

If I have learned anything in the last six months, it is the fact that our working environment is now an eternal present, and it is always later than you think: this is the era of the permanent reboot.

In the last decade, I have seen project timelines shrink from years to months.

In the last year, I have seen them further diminish to weeks.

I am now reading about campaigns that are developed, executed, and bring immediate returns in days, even hours.

Few companies other than those that are true pure play digital enterprises can conduct their businesses in near-real time.

Few companies that do not begin to consider the strategic benefits of incorporating near-real time elements into the tactical activities of their enterprise are going to end this decade in good shape.

Reset. Rethink. Renew.

Happy new decade.

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