How to create an RSS-to-Twitter account

My friend Mary Canady, who tweets as Comprendia, inspired me to experiment with RSS-to-Twitter tools last month. She offered some invaluable advice at the time, and was kind enough to inquire as to how I’d got along earlier today.

As I’m on something of a Screenr roll at the moment, I thought I’d offer you a visual step-by-step guide to creating RSS-to-Twitter accounts showcasing EvidenceBsdMed, an account designed to serve (you guessed it) the evidence-based medicine community with fresh EBM information from across the web, as it publishes. I dare say there are more elegant ways of achieving the same effect, but this is robust, customizable, and easy to reproduce.

If you decide to have a go at this yourself, do please leave a link to your new creation in the comments field below. If you have any questions, please also feel free to ask them as a comment.

Finally: I notice the folks at RSS2twitter are on a fund-raising drive at the moment. If you like what they do, please consider chipping in a couple of bucks.


3 thoughts on “How to create an RSS-to-Twitter account

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  2. Hi Andrew,

    Cool and thanks for the plug! The only caveat I would add is that the RSS feeds we created (mine was for @deliciousbio) are very dynamic, and this poses a problem when using an RSS to Twitter service, since it needs to update very regularly. Services like Twitterfeed were not sufficient, as they update only every 30 minutes, and RSS2Twitter is the only service I could find that worked, and it is a bit flaky as they’re running out of money. They are trying to raise funding–if you create a feed such as this or find value, consider donating!


    • Hi Mary

      Thanks for the comment. EBM doesn’t movequite that quickly, so the variably dynamic nature of RSS2Twitter is less of an issue – and probably why I hadn’t noticed.

      Thanks also for reiterating the observation I make in the post about RSS2Twitter being on a fund-raising drive.

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