CFChristopher: my imaginary friend

Angel Gonzalez, founder of the Ideagoras community, brought a new initiative from Novartis (new to me, anyway) to my attention today. In summary: Novartis has taken the fictional protagonist from their Becoming Christopher concept and revived ‘him’ on Facebook (links above currently down <sigh>) and Twitter

I will be fascinated to see how this concept will be received by the cystic fibrosis (CF) community.

How appealing is a fictional construct with CF (‘inspired by research and interviews with people with CF’ or otherwise, and how can this be verified?) going to be to real people with CF?

Will they feel supported? Confused? Insulted?

How many fictional characters do you have a meaningful relationship with?

CFChristopher loves to talk…

…to himself:

David Bradley of sciencebase has already posed a germane question regarding how Novartis has chosen to profile and position itself in relation to the CF community, leaving the question hanging as to the project’s potential to alienate the very people it hopes to reach.

So, let’s recap.

An imaginary Caucasian male with corporate parents, stultifyingly bland taste in music, a penchant for talking to himself in a manner which leads us to believe he thinks he is involved in a conversation, and a seeming unwillingness to engage wants you to follow him (presumably).

Are you sold?

Do you think this is an ideal or a surreal way to reach those with CF?

I’d especially like to hear what CF communities make of this latest offering from Novartis.


2 thoughts on “CFChristopher: my imaginary friend

  1. its an interesting idea, at least I guess that Novartis are trying to communicate with a customer group that understands social media. Just what they hope to achieve is more difficult to ascertain. I agree that it will be interesting to see what patient groups make of this.

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