Pharma’s engagement agenda: think global, act local

I’m sure everyone who participates in the weekly #hcsmeu live event on Twitter logs off at the end of the hour feeling energized (as well as a little drained, perhaps) but last week’s session posed a question (find the complete archive here) which really set the tweetstream alight and resonated with all participants.

Daniel Ghinn of Creation Healthcare lit a touchpaper when he asked:

Are language barriers creating a digital health divide in Europe, and what can be / is being done about it?

The short answer was a resounding ‘yes’. You can read the long form answers from the #hcsmeu community here (pp. 13-18; yes, we really do create that much output 😀 )

Here are some of my favourite comments from the discussion:

And that’s where we laid the question aside, if only temporarily. I am sure we will return to it at #hcsmeucamp on 31st March in Berlin (will you be joining us? Registration is free for the first 50 delegates to sign up, 60 Euros for everyone else)

Until then, here’s something I’m asking you to do:

Finally, here’s something I’m asking you ponder:

What’s your response?


2 thoughts on “Pharma’s engagement agenda: think global, act local

  1. It was interesting to see the debate on this unfold – clearly there was agreement that a digital health divide exists or is emerging in Europe, although not everybody felt the same about how to respond to the issue.

    I agree with your points here – for global pharmaceutical companies, clearly a global strategy with local implementation is essential for successful digital engagement. A global strategy because the Internet is, after all, a global platform and patients do not segregate themselves based on geographic, legal or regulatory boundaries. Local implementation because only that way can local cultural, language and of course regulatory implications be seen from the ground in the context of impact on local patients and other health stakeholders.

    I also agree that this issue of the digital health divide and how to tackle is going to stay on the agenda – it will be an increasingly important issue as digital engagement continues to escalate in priority for pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. I won’t re-iterate all the points in the tweetstream, but for now suffice to say it’s something all health stakeholders can and should tackle with innovation!

    • Thank you for posing the language question last week, Daniel. It disclosed not only strong sentiment among the community with regards to exclusion, but also patient safety. This is clearly a major issue for pharma engagement in Europe, and one which I am sure we can clarify, refine and perhaps go some way towards resolving through repeated consideration.

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