Influence, reach, impact, connectivity, visibility: why convo is king for pharma on Twitter

As a Friday gift to you, I am turning my first commercial report, ‘The Top 20 Pharma Accounts on Twitter: Rated, Ranked and Reconsidered‘ (PDF, 110 pp.) open access as I would like to share the findings and data before they get too old to be relevant.

Here’s some context from the introduction:

“The Top 20 Pharma Accounts on Twitter: Rated, Ranked and Reconsidered’ offers an analysis of the 20 pharma corporate, brand and campaign accounts with the highest follower numbers using 20 different statistical and visual measures derived from 15 different tools. The report concludes with appendices offering rankings by influence, reach, impact, connectivity, visibility, awareness/engagement, and a rank of ranks that averages out the six preceding measures and presents a final order to compare against the by-follower ranking, noting the consequential differential between the two sequences[…]

If the rank of ranks (p. 102) for the 20 Twitter accounts considered in this report assessed against their relative rank by followers demonstrates anything, it is that conversation is king on Twitter. The rank of ranks features 9 out of the 10 accounts that appear in the rank by followers, but only
one of them is in the same place. The two accounts that leap to the top of the rankings, JNJComm and Roche_com, are those which may reasonably be said to have ‘the most human face'[…]

The strong performance from both of these accounts in the rank of ranks in consideration of the benefits a personality can bring to a corporate pharma account’s influence, reach, impact, connectivity, visibility, and awareness-to-engagement ratio reinforces the opinion that users from all communities of interest approach Twitter with the attitude ‘I want to see your face, not your logo'”.

Here’s a screen grab of the ‘rank of ranks vs. rank by follower and differential’ (p. 107), which will form the next report’s starting point:

Click on the image below to grab a PDF of the full report, and do please leave a comment as to what you think of the results:


3 thoughts on “Influence, reach, impact, connectivity, visibility: why convo is king for pharma on Twitter

  1. The methodologic approach is very interesting and one I want to share with a few people. The varying ranks by different measurements is also useful. What is missing for me are two factors.
    1) Background on how the tools used do their calculations, or alternatively some sort of validation of the measurement (yes, I realize this is probably impossible, since they aren’t going to share).
    2) Discussion of the findings, why certain ranks fell the way they did, what were surprises or interesting patterns, what behaviors seemed to predict success, etc.

    Thank you so much for this! I’ll be tweeting it!

  2. Hi Patricia

    Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked the report, and I appreciate your comments.

    I think that you are absolutely correct on both counts. As you say, the first observation is difficult to speak to on the basis that the algorithms driving the metrics many of these tools are their USP, and as such they are often rather less than precise in defining what it is exactly that constitutes the analysis they wrap up in the appellation they elect to bestow upon their analysis.

    That said, I offer as much information as I could glean regarding each individual measure in the Glossary on p. 107. I realize I didn’t actually point that out in the introducion!

    I think that there is more to say about the rank analysis. I only really alighted upon the significance of the Rank of Ranks in this initial report, but did have half a mind to focus on individual ranks in future updates.

    I’d be most interested to read more about your thoughts on the same in the interim 🙂

    Thank you once again for you interest in, and advocacy of, this project.

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