Happy birthday Healthcare Social Media Europe

Healthcare Social Media Europe is 1 today.

To the ambient soundtrack of seagulls and an uncontrollable cat, I say: thank you.


8 thoughts on “Happy birthday Healthcare Social Media Europe

  1. Andrew – big Txs to you and Silja for the initiative and energy. Agree with all your aspirations for the next year as #hcsmeu hits the terrible twos…..

  2. Andrew, I fully subscribe to your expressed views and concerns with regards to our community. I think that going beyond talking and bringing on board the key constituencies that are still underrepresented should be our first priority for our second year.

    Anyway, so far so good. Thank you very much to you and Silja for making it happen. Happy birthday!

  3. Andrew – it’s been a fabulous experience being part of HCSMEU and I look forward to the tweet ups each week (and get annoyed when clients arrange meetings on a Friday at 12!). I think it is a fabulous community you and Silja set up and I am honoured to be part of that community. I agree there is more to do but that’s part of the fun – don’t we all love a challenge? ; )

    Happy birthday HCSMEU and thanks for all the stimulating conversations : )

    Oh and can we have more of the cat please? : )

  4. Thank you both (Silja and you) for this great initiative!
    Its a pleasure to be part of it!

    And agree with Alexandra yes – more of the cat, please! 😉 – my two cats are waiting to tweet with Monty 😉

  5. Thanks Andrew and Silja for all your good work in bringing #HCSMEU on the scene. Special thanks for sparking so many great conversations and ideas. As a regular participant on the #HCSM chats, your efforts often inspire ideas and questions for us to hash out as well. I love this cross-pollination of activity. I am eager about your plans ahead and wish you all the best. 🙂

  6. Thanks as ever, my friend. Agree with your sentiment and feel we are getting traction in that direction – time to step on the gas. Enough motoring analogies – to bed I go! Big respect to all who have helped to make this year so important in the hcsmeu space and let’s feel stimulated to increase the reach. #nhssm is certainly encouraging to me, from a Uk perspective

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