Healthcare professional attitudes towards social media

4 thoughts on “Healthcare professional attitudes towards social media

  1. Nice post Andrew, Having spent the last couple of days listening to the healthcare professional conversation about social media in the US it strikes me that until we get to grips with the kind of interaction we are advocating we will not move this conversation forwards.

    There are numerous forms of patient support, disease information, broad care pathway interaction and through the improvement of public/doctor patient conversation the development of socal capital and trust.

    Are we talking about public personal medical advice? There are numerous examples of people attempting this but it will place medical professionals in a difficult position. There are obviously privacy issues but also complications with regard to understanding someone’s complete medical history and care and of course, legal liability for medical care offered through SM.

    There will be socialised medical care over the internet in the future, innovators should be driving the development of this now.

    There should be the support I outlined offered now over social channels. There is not a doctor in the UK taking part in this as far as I am aware?

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