The social inbox: right idea, wrong platform

3 thoughts on “The social inbox: right idea, wrong platform

  1. Loving the one minute vlog Andrew. I am not sure about this and as I type the stats on the Mashable article stand at 2383 tweet and 1833 FB shares – I think that this reflects the Mashable community – avid tweeters. I like FB idea of being able to create a community of friends in your profile. I like the blend of my friends and my ‘likes’ in my home feed – but sometimes you want to see just what your friends are up to (which is why lots of us joined in the first place). Only time will tell if this messaging thing will take off. FB by sheer force of will seems to get it right. I am really excited about the new twitter – even though this video is the *MOST* annoying thing in the world!

    • Hi Neil

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’d have made that statement somewhere along the lines of ‘Mashable users prefer conversation, hence they prefer Twitter’. Also, the weighting is heavier than it looks on the basis of the relative size of Twitter (190m?) vs. Facebook (550m?). But what do we know? Maybe Digg *will* take over the world one day… #ithinknot

  2. The notion of email at FB is a throwback. Even if it some people thought it useful, I wouldn’t trust FB. The string of privacy incursions they have have committed is too lengthy to place any confidence in them as a trustworthy email client.
    I think you have an interesting idea in suggesting that as an add-on function, Twitter is better suited for such communications. That I would trust.

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