You can influence me

Despite my conviction that we live in a postmarketing age, I am still susceptible to influence.

The difference is, however, that I want to be influenced in the manner of my choosing, not yours.

Here are five ways that you can influence me.

Try them out.

2 thoughts on “You can influence me

  1. Andrew:
    I am hoping to court your insight by joining an Advisory Board regarding an interactive web guide called the Life Guide Institute. This project is led by Gail Zahtz who is a health care maverick, seeking to build an online health guide with public and private chats, mobile health app recommendations, along with public and private profiles for doctors, patients, health organizations and caregivers. It is an ambitious undertaking and the first glimpse of the design will likely go live next week. She is now building her Advisory Board, filled with a good many folks from the #HCSM community. She is interested in making sure there is a wider global community that informs this project, so I suggested reaching out to you. Along these same lines, I was thinkling of approaching Lucien Engelen from the #HCSMEU group. I hope you’ll join us. Go here to get a quick snapshot and be sure to contact Gail directly to gain your own grounding in her vision. She can be reached at gavriellag AT gmail DOT com.


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