100 steps: a social business primer for Pharma

The question ‘how should Pharma deport itself on the Social Web?’ does not have a single answer.

It may be a wicked problem which it is not possible to solve.

The best outcome that the industry may be able to aspire to is a partial resolution of some of the issues that can be identified at this point.

Others problems may be irresolvable.

Others may be irreconcilable with the requirements of operating as a regulated industry.

Still others may be the cause of new problems in their turn.

A problem that lacks a unifiable solution is not best posed as a monadic question.

A fragmented, tangential, and aphoristic analysis may, when its pieces are gathered together and considered as an object in its own right, offer new insights and suggest some novel opportunities to each observer.

The #100steps project does not lay claim to the delivering of an heroic grand narrative.

I participate only indirectly through my interaction with industry employees rather than directly through involvement in specific programs, other than those to which I offer consultancy services.

However, #100steps does hope that the posts it publishes, but more importantly the conversation that it may generate, can diminish the inertia impeding the industry’s progress, and tilt the balance towards Pharma’s social evolution – if only ever so slightly.

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