Pharma: a PeerIndex list

Click on the image to be taken to the PeerIndex list

The current top 30 pharma accounts on Twitter, according to PeerIndex.

If you do not feature on the source list and would like to be included, please @ or DM me.

2 thoughts on “Pharma: a PeerIndex list

    • Hi Carmen

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      This list is for pharma companies rather than people who work – or used to work 😉 – in pharma, and it would appear that PeerIndex has some caching issues in this regard.

      @JNJComm changed their Twitter name field to its current ‘Johnson & Johnson’ on Marc Monseau’s departure, but PeerIndex’s database doesn’t appear to have picked up on it. As this was several months ago now, I’m wondering how often the PeerIndex database refreshes.

      Compare &

      Anyway, I asked PeerIndex’s @Azeem this question this morning, and am sure he will respond presently. I’ll update this reply when he’s done so.

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