Introducing Digitally Sick

Digitally Sick is a new weekly podcast-driven initiative from Faisal Ahmed of Life HealthcareAlex Butler of The Social Moon and myself.

You can find our podcasts on iTunes and the blog itself for now, and we’re looking at other channels too.

To date, we’ve discussed the 2011 digital conference season, and search and healthcare. Episodes run to about 40 minutes, and are designed for those downtime moments during your commute or whilst travelling when you’d like to listen to something that speaks to your professional interests. We hope the Digitally Sick pods fit the bill in this regard; if they do not, please let us know! We would very much like to hear what you think about them, either way.

You can join the conversation on Twitter under the #digisick hashtag, as well as facebook, and you can add us to your RSS reader here.

Finally, if you there is a topic that you would like to discuss with us as a guest, please get in touch with one of us. Anything and everything relating to digital health is on topic, so let us know what is on your mind!

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