On the pleasures of partnership: Andrew Spong becomes medDigital partner #1

Working in social business development can offer a number of gratifications: the stimulation of new ideas, the pleasure of collaborating with creative, dedicated colleagues, and the satisfaction of a shared enterprise that has no less ambitious a goal than to improve upon or even resolve issues associated with a particular aspect of an existing industry practice.

Social business development reaches its apogee when all three of these elements are in conjunction. The fact that this does not happen very often is one of the reasons why STweM has to date not entered into any formal business partnerships.

Today, that changes.

Evolution of a partnership

Knowing of my enduring obsession with finding better ways to facilitate contextually appropriate communication within the health conversation between communities of interest, towards the end of 2011 Felix Jackson, Chief Medical Officer of medDigital, introduced me to Tim van Tongeren, medDigital‘s Chief Product Officer. Felix explained that Tim was working on developing a new medDigital creation that would offer secure, flexible online advisory boards to the pharmaceutical industry.

A flurry of conversations ensued during which Tim delineated medDigital‘s thinking around the new product’s development. Together, we explored the ways in which the product spoke to customer need, how users would experience it, and the business model within which it would be presented. Working with Tim was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I was delighted to have been part of the development of what we can now call medBoard: a secure, easy to set up, online advisory board product that offers faster time to insight with great flexibility at a market-beating price.

As I learned more about the platform, it became clear to me that medBoard has the potential not only to be the best product on the market, but also the most elegant, most customisable, and most competitively priced solution available to pharmaceutical industry leads looking for contemporary solutions to the enduring challenge presented by the need to expedite advisory boards. As an adjunct to face-to-face boards, or even perhaps in time as a replacement for them, medBoard offers the sort of benefits that I believe will see it become the industry standard, best-in-class product for advisory boards.

Consequently, when my subsequent introduction to medDigital‘s Chief Executive Officer Dennis van Rooij led to the board kindly offering me the opportunity to become the company’s first partner and serve as an ambassador for medBoard, medCrowd and future medDigital products, I was happy to accept.

So, today I am glad to announce that I am medDigital‘s Partner #1; you can read more about the medDigital partner program. Friends and colleagues in the industry can expect to hear more from me in person as to why I think medBoard is the right advisory board solution for them, but in the interim you can discover more for yourself.

Or better still, why not just ask me about it?

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