On Janssen’s Psoriasis 360 and the real cost to Pharma of pulling a facebook page

Janssen has recently announced its intention to close its Psoriasis 360 facebook page.

Matt Lowe and Andrew Spong have discussed some of the issues around the subject on Twitter.

Note: the ‘clause 2’ referred to below makes reference to Clause 2 of the ABPI’s Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry (2012 PDF) and those activities deemed to bring ‘discredit to, and reduction of confidence in, the industry.’ (p. 8)
@pmlivecom a shame for #pharma #hcsmeu visionaries, but as Facebook currently don’t have a ‘vertical’ for pharma is it a surprise?
Wed, Mar 21 2012 09:07:36
@teammjl IMO, point is that at launch P360 fb page was actively directed/modded, but has been left to stagnate for months recently #hcsmeu
Wed, Mar 21 2012 09:12:12
@andrewspong agreed, & brings into play exit strategy debate and sadly for me, gives credence to ye olde resource/A/E reporting concern?
Wed, Mar 21 2012 09:44:42
@teammjl Why wd a pharma company *want* an exit strategy for conveying info via the world’s #2 Internet site? What’d be better? #hcsmeu
Wed, Mar 21 2012 09:53:19
@teammjl Also: if resource *has* been redeployed, is its relative ROI being benchmarked or otherwise measured? I’d love to see that data.
Wed, Mar 21 2012 09:59:06
@andrewspong the burning question? Show commercial returns that outweigh compliance implications (Cost of a clause 2 or audit process inclu)
Wed, Mar 21 2012 10:10:11


@andrewspong Also: currently IMO majority of Marketing faculties I liaise with don’t measure ROI effectively so difficult to benchmark?
Wed, Mar 21 2012 10:23:10
@teammjl A ’cause 2 cost’ – reducing confidence in #pharma – is EXACTLY what pulling a #fb page does. Doesn’t need ABPI to rule it! #hcsmeu
Wed, Mar 21 2012 10:56:40
What do you make of Janssen’s decision?

One thought on “On Janssen’s Psoriasis 360 and the real cost to Pharma of pulling a facebook page

  1. In my opinion moving the debate to The Psoriasis Association is a good decision. It is calculated that there are approximately one and a half million Psoriasis patients in the United Kingdom (http://bit.ly/GF8d4c). The current number of fans (918) seems a pretty low number that should at least make Janssen think about it.

    This debate prompts me to ask: Should pharmaceutical companies support existing online patient communities or create their own? (http://b.qr.ae/GJ4CDK).

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