The tablet as totem: why do doctors who ‘tablet touch’ during details have better iPad rep experiences?

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A new manhattanResearch report suggests that physicians who touched a sales rep’s iPad were more likely to have a satisfactory experience, and more likely to say the experience influenced their clinical decisions.

However, only one-quarter of the 30 percent of physicians who saw a sales rep with an iPad actually touched the device during the meeting.

Commentary from Andrew Spong:

A new chapter in the mythologising of the arcane, totemic qualities of the iPad as an influencer of physician behaviour is written with the release of this data.

What exactly is it about the way that content is presented by iOS which leads doctors to feel as though they have been more influenced than they would have done were it presented on either another tablet, or perhaps a laptop?

Is it the tactile nature of the experience?

The ability of iOS to render graphics?

Or a conditioned response on the part of the audience that associates the tablet with other pleasurable experiences?

It is also interesting to note that reps seem unwilling to let the tablet out of their hands, and let the doctor ‘drive’ the detail. I would have thought ‘1. pass the iPad to the clinician’ was the first item on the Successful Digital Detailing 101 training program.

Sourcce: Manhattan Research

4 thoughts on “The tablet as totem: why do doctors who ‘tablet touch’ during details have better iPad rep experiences?

  1. I have to agree and disagree with the above comment. Reps are less afraid of handing over the ipad than the marketeers! Also the content is not designed to be as interactive as it really should be IMO.

    I have seen some fantastic new software that enables the rep to run a presentation with the ipad in the Dr’s hands (also on multiple tablets). Unfortunately most of the ipad content still takes the approach of ‘a detail aid with a light behind it’!

    • I agree, there is a lack in interactive tools that can allow the doctor to hold the device while a rep presents. Currently, presentations still remain relatively one-way. But there is a lot of potential to create tools that allow a doctor to hold the tablet during the presentation, giving them the possibility to select the information they are interested in hearing.

      If you would like to see the tool that we develop, you can click through to where you can see how our apps are being used by pharma and med. device reps. They are being used as e-detailing tools to support sales teams when presenting complex health economic data.

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