A social business case study: BrewDog

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“Five years ago, BrewDog was, Martin Dickie, myself, some second hand equipment and Bracken the dog. Now we’re Scotland’s largest independent brewery, selling our craft beer in 27 different countries and owning 8 amazing craft beer bars across the country. We’re opening three more bars in three months adding 40 new members of staff, yet all we hear about in the media is redundancies, downturns and Lady Gaga.”

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog commented:

“The economic crisis has been our biggest catalyst for success. This is an environment for the innovators, for the misfits and the mavericks. There is a revolution happening, and heads will roll. We can see the empires of old crumbling, and the winners will be the people with the passion and commitment to make great products and make their companies work no matter what.

“People are fed up of having the wool pulled over their eyes; of being told their beer is from Australia when it’s from Burton-on-Trent, or that it tastes better because it’s ‘extra cold’, or because it has a QR code on the can,” added James Watt.

“When times are tough, people see through the thin veneer of corporate ad-speak and seek out genuine quality and value. The media say the beer market is in decline – but sales of good beers are going up and up. It is the global monolithic mega corporations peddling lame, tasteless lagers that have their head on the block, and the craft beer revolution is wielding the axe.”

Commentary from Andrew Spong

BrewDog have aligned an unswerving, two-fingers attitude to the brewing hegemony with great products and an innate understanding of what people who enjoy beer want, supported by a business-critical need to include them in their success as equity partners.

BrewDog are a true social business, and I salute their achievement — as well as their beer.


Source: Digital Newsoom

One thought on “A social business case study: BrewDog

  1. Could not agree more!! However its a shame that they got stitched up at a recent awards ceremony by a large drinks manufacturer (allegedly!)

    Need more businesses in all spheres with their kind of focus on the customer and ultimately the quality of the product. Reminds me of a recent article entitled ‘Marketeers stop making promises and concentrate on keeping the ones you’ve made’

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