Expert healthcare practitioners of the social web: Dr. Ronan Kavanagh

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Dr. Ronan Kavanagh (@RonanTKavanagh) is one of the leading voices in the rheumatology conversation on the social web.

Through his portfolio of social presences, Dr. Kavanagh maintains an admirable balance between approachable affability and informed professionalism, and I was delighted when he agreed to share some of his insights regarding healthcare professional use of social media with the Symplur community.

Read Ronan’s responses to the following questions on here:

  • What are the benefits to healthcare professionals in creating and maintaining a portfolio of presences on the social web?
  • Which platforms do you use? Why did you choose them? What do you feel their particular characteristics are, and how do they support each other?
  • How much time do you spend within social environments? Do you publish updates routinely and as a matter of course, or only when you feel the urge to share something?
  • What are your favourite twitter hashtags, facebook pages, online communities, and other digital hangouts from a professional and a patient-facing perspective?
  • Do you distinguish between the professional and personal use of social media, or is it more a question of your being mindful of professional requirements across all the social environments you participate in, regardless of the context?
  • What tips would you give to healthcare professionals who are considering how best to enter social environments in order that they may present themselves and their professional practice optimally?
  • What learning materials, how-to guides, resources and/or guidelines regarding healthcare social media usage would you direct healthcare professionals to?
  • Which healthcare professionals do you believe to be exemplars of best practice in healthcare social media? Are there any particular facets of their individual activities that you would like to highlight as being ‘best in class’, in your opinion?
  • How do you anticipate healthcare professional use of social environments and digital communication evolving in the future? Can you envisage a tipping point subsequent to which the usage of the social web by healthcare professionals will be considered mainstream?

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