Digital health belongs to the patient

Digital health does not belong to coders

Digital health does not belong to entrepreneurs

Digital health does not belong to venture capitalists

Digital health does not belong to device manufacturers

Digital health does not belong to businesses with an exit strategy

Digital health does not belong to commercial conference organisers

Digital health is bigger than a business model, but it is no more than an aspect of a matrix of economic, cultural, and social change which is difficult to map, let alone react to, due to the speed and scale of its growth.

Right now, digital health is having its moment, and as such it is challenging for its most high-profile proponents to accept the fact that their businesses will not be swept away, but simply left behind.

The future which digital health’s evangelists are so sure they will be a part of will accelerate past, and then away from them.

Some days, the health conversation on the social web can make you believe that this is not the case.

On days like that, it is worth remembering:

Digital health belongs to the patient

2 thoughts on “Digital health belongs to the patient

  1. Digital health may belong to the patient but without all of the other stakeholders you disparage, digital health for the patient will not be realized.

    In every industry and every vertical, the product or service offering “belongs” to the consumers but without capitalists you have no product, market, nor distribution.

    Industry battles for the consumers’ attention and the consumer benefits greatly. They maintain mastery with power over their wallets!

    • Thanks for your comment. Taking a longer view, personally I think its easy to overstate the importance of all of these stakeholders. There are wider economic/social (Piketty, 2013; Brynjolfsson & McAfee, 2014) and technological/cultural (Kurzweil, 2005) issues to consider. Looking at the recent history of technological change, I think we can also predict the disintermediation of the majority of these stakeholders by a number of emergent technologies.

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