Andrew Spong, PhD

Andrew Spong, PhD, worked for a decade in academia and a further 11 years in scholarly publishing before turning his attention to the health conversation on the social web in 2008.

A trusted industry thought leader, Andrew provides socially-enabled services focused on health communications to the pharmaceutical industry, patient associations, and agencies. He retains an interest in scholarly communications, evidence-based medicine, and publishing in general.

Andrew publishes regular comment and analysis via STweM and Health Equals and is co-founder of both influential European Twitter-based community Healthcare Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu) and the digital pharma thought leadership podcast, Digitally Sick (@digitally_sick; #digisick).

STweM is the holding company for service-based brands such as Health Equals that focus on community development, interventions in the health conversation on the social web, content creation, content curation, and education through participation.

Through its spin-off brands and other activities conducted by the parent company, STweM develops socially enabled healthcare communications with the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare agencies, and patient associations in an ethical and transparent manner in order to support better outcomes for patients.

STweM’s core client base includes the pharmaceutical industry, patient associations, and healthcare communications and PR agencies. However, STweM is committed to democratising the health conversation and welcomes the opportunity to work with all stakeholder groups across the health conversation on the Social Web.

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